City of Greenville 2012 Master Plan

Prepared update of the 2005 Plan utilizing a number of citizen involvement methods including an online survey, community values discovery workshop, mobile workshops for service clubs, and a community open house. Conducted an existing land use survey to determine extent of non-conforming properties. Plan included recommendations to create a mixed use district which would allow for attached housing, live work units and retail uses surrounding the central business district and a new hospital zoning district to accommodate the anticipated growth of Spectrum Health United Memorial Hospital. Concept drawings were also prepared to illustrate possible re-development of an area along the Flat River adjacent to the central business district, to create a plaza and community gathering space.

Performed Complete Streets analysis including connections to the existing Fred Meijer Flat River Trail and the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail. Analysis also included identifying local streets for delineation of dedicated bike lanes to connect major destination points though out the City.

Community planning, on line citizen survey, community workshop and open house, rezoning recommendations and concept drawings to illustrate redevelopment options near the downtown and action steps to implement the plan.

City of Ionia - 2001, 2007, 2012 Master Plan - 2012 Five-Year Recreation Plan

Prepared Master Land Use Plans and Recreation Plan for City of approximately 6,000 persons in Ionia County. Broad citizen input included an on-line survey, a series of mobile workshops with service clubs, stakeholder interviews, and community open house. Extensive input regarding Steele Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan.

Performed Complete Streets analysis including connections to Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Rail-Trail and Fred Thwaites Grand River Trail. Analysis included identifying local streets for delineation of dedicated bike lanes.

Coordinated Recreation Plan with on-going Master Plan to provide recreational elements within Steele Street Corridor re-development, and to coordinate Complete Streets and trail development with City Master Plan.

Community planning, community on-line survey; community open house, concept drawings to illustrate re-development of Steele Street Corridor.










Sparta Village Master Plan

A bus tour of the Village followed by an issues identification process kicked off the Village of Sparta Master Plan process.  An on-line survey and a creative Community Values Discovery Workshop assured maximum citizen input.  Plan elements focused on recommendations to identify non-conforming land uses for future rezonings, blending Plan recommendations with a 2009 Blue Print conducted by HyettPalma, preparation of design guideline illustrations for the downtown façade grant program, and recommendations to implement the Plan.

Hastings Area Joint Plan and Hastings: Court Street PUD

Hastings Area Plan 2008.  MainStreet Planning Company teamed with another consulting firm to prepare a Joint Land Use Plan for the City of Hastings, Rutland Charter Township, Hastings Charter Township and Barry County.  Working with a Joint Planning Committee composed of representatives from each governmental entity the Plan focused on ensuring compatible land uses and development standards along common borders.  A central component of the Plan was the establishment of an Urban Services Area which specified the areas in the Township which would receive City of Hastings utilities and urban services. The Plan also set forth the conditions which would permit the extension of utilities to prevent “leapfrog” development projects.  The Plan was adopted by all governmental units and each community agreed to adopt common zoning regulations to govern the Plan area.

  • Three Barry County communities cooperating to minimize sprawl and preserve community character
  • Citizen Open House
  • Concept drawings to illustrate community character
  • Common zoning regulations

Contact: Jeff Mansfield, City Manager, 269-945-2468

Grand Rapids Township Master Plan

Grand Rapids Charter Township Comprehensive Plan 2007.  MainStreet Planning Company teamed with Progressive AE to prepare a Comprehensive Plan for this suburban/rural township of 14,000 abutting the City of Grand Rapids.  A State of Michigan highway, railroad tracks and a four lane boulevard roadway divided the township into distinct areas each with their own geographic identity making identification with the township difficult.  Seven Target Areas were identified and interviews conducted with identified stakeholders in each Target Area.  Specific future land use plans along with rationale were prepared for each Target Area.  In addition, two sub-area plans were prepared illustrating possible re-development scenarios for an older shopping center and an older residential neighborhood.  An on-line citizen survey was also conducted with surveys hand delivered to several retirement homes.

  • Suburban/rural township of 14,000 persons abutting City of Grand Rapids
  • Identified and prepared plans for seven sub-areas
  • Face-to-face interviews with Township stakeholders as a portion of public input
  • Prepared re-development illustrative scenarios for an aging shopping center and an older neighborhood

Contact: Rick Sprague, Planner, Grand Rapids Charter Township, 616-361-7391

Arcadia Township Master Plan and M-22 Design exercise

  • Lakeshore community of over 600 persons in Manistee County
  • Broad citizen input; positive/negative attribute workshop
  • M-22 corridor streetscape design workshop
  • Visual Preference survey  
  • Resort residential and village-type character analysis

Contact: Brad Hopwood, Planning Commission Chairperson, 231-889-4738



Martin Township, Allegan County, MI (2005-2007)

Prepared a Master Plan and a number of amendments to the Zoning Ordinance recommended by the Plan.  The Master Plan included recommendations for a new urbanist village center to complement the existing traditional small town character and to plan for an attractive area to encourage economic development in the area.   Progressive AE, in cooperation with MainStreet Planning, developed the final design for the proposed village center adjacent to the small village of Martin.

Contact: Ron Zeinstra, Chair, Martin Township Zoning Board, 269-672-9395



Alpine Township, Kent County Master Plan

Since 1988, MainStreet Planning Company has provided planning and zoning assistance to this major fruit producing community which is part of the “Fruit Ridge” in Kent and Ottawa counties.

Developed Sliding Scale zoning regulations to preserve farmland;

  • Partnered with Grand Valley State University to rank Prime, Unique and Valuable farmland scoring system to re-enforce protection measures;
  • Led effort to investigate and develop a Transfer of Development Rights program;
  • Planner for Master Plans prepared in 1988, 1998 and 2007.

Contact: Sue Thomas, Alpine Township Planner, 616-784-9090



Lowell Township Master Plan

Lowell Charter Township Master Plan 2008 / Township Planner- Assisted Lowell Charter Township Planning Commission in preparing the 1995, 2002 and 2008 Master Plans for this rural township; prepared numerous amendments to Zoning Ordinance including an Open Space Planned Unit  Development Ordinance (OS-PUD) as well as regulatory ordinances such as vendor ordinance. We assist Township officials in all matters pertaining to land use, zoning and government procedures; maintain office hours one morning per week for citizen inquiries on zoning and development matters.

Fruitland Township 2007 and 2009 Master Plan           

  • Lakeshore community of over 5,000 in Muskegon County
  • Strong conservation policies
  • Historic resort areas preserved
  • “Smart Growth” principles encouraged

Contact: Carol Kooistra, Planning Commission Chairperson, 231-744-0490

Mecosta Township 2010 Master Plan

  • Rural Township of 2500
  • Township divided by Muskegon River and old U.S. 131
  • Many Amish farms
  • Proposed Action Steps in Plan to address land use & zoning issues.
  • Plan made specific recommendations to preserve & enhance village center concept

Ten Mile Road Corridor Plan

  • 2002 Plan prepared for Plainfield Township, Algoma Township and City of Rockford in Kent County.
  • Purpose: Prepare a  coordinated land, use, utility and street improvement plan coupled with a common set of zoning regulations, design standards for development and utility service policies to be adopted by all three communities to ensure that the future development of 10 Mile Road becomes a benefit to all.
  • Project addressed:
    • Future Land Use of the Study area.
    • Utilities; sanitary sewer, water, storm drainage.
    • Access management standards/road improvements;
    • Streetscape design, signs, lighting, landscaping, sidewalks.
    • Zoning regulations.
    • Creation of joint Planning Committee to oversee the preparation of the Corridor Plan.
    • Establishment of a continuing planning process.
  • Process included a public open house to present land use and road alignment alternatives.
  • Public hearing on Plan included Planning Commissions from all three communities.
  • Plan and access management overlay zone regulations adopted by all three communities.
  • Joint Planning Committee established to ensure compliance with Plan.