"As our township planner, Tim Johnson has been intimately involved with many different planning and zoning matters that have come before our Planning Commission. Some are routine, such as zoning ordinance amendments and master plans.  Others have been more complicated, such as our Wind Energy ordinance, which we adopted a couple of years ago, when there weren't many precedents to follow.  Tim helped us work through the technical and legal details of wind energy systems, which resulted in a thorough and well-researched ordinance that has been used by some neighboring townships as a guide for their own wind energy ordinances.  We find Tim to be very personable, hard-working, knowledgeable, responsive and attentive to details.  Tim has raised the level of professionalism in our township planning efforts.

As a Planning Commission, we interviewed several planners before making the selection of MainStreet Planning. With the selection of Tim, we are thankful that we found the perfect match for FruitlandTownship Planning Commission."

- The seven members of the Fruitland Township Planning Commission

MainStreet Planning Company has provided a variety of planning related services to the City of Ionia for well over a decade. Our Planning Commissioners respect and trust the sound advice that Tim and Jan provide. The reviews and reports they generate are accurate and thorough. Tim and Jan stay current on planning trends and State legislation that affects local planning and zoning decisions. When assistance on a specific matter is needed, they are prompt in responding and reasonable with their charges. Our Planning Commissioners count MainStreet Planning Company as part of the City's overall planning team.

- Jason Eppler, Manager City of Ionia

The City of Hastings has used Tim and Jan Johnson of MainStreet Planning Company to assist with community planning for over 20 years.
We have been extremely pleased with their work over the years. Tim and Jan have proven to be helpful, flexible, resourceful and extremely
responsive to the needs of our community.

- Jeff Mansfield, Manager City of Hastings